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A Dream Reality...

a Home We Found - One Commune

We witnessed Our Dreams Come to Life, Co-Created before Our Eyes - A Variety Show of Fairies & Magicians, All Aligned on One Mission: Showing the World We Can Be, Happy, Joyful & Free by Living in Community!

Intentional Artistry - eLearning Courses

From Learning to Dream Again, Sketching your Heart into your Art, Weaving with your Words & Performing your Poetry - Our Creative Teachers guide you through an Interactive eLearning Class.

Hope is Calling - Community Song

A Community of Heart-Centered Artists co-wrote a Song of Hope to the World - Calling out to the Hopeless & reigniting Hope into Humanity for Collective Wholeness & Healing.

RainbowSky's Journal Entry

October 26, 2023

The Dream Retreat was just a Dream that few of Us could See,

but Now it’s Our Reality, the Dream is Alive, a place to Thrive!

Together, We wrote a Song of Hope, as I watched Us Transform.

We Shined a Light on Each Other to see Us in Our Truest Form.

A Chef battling Demons, A Girl whose her Trust;

Safety, Expression & Community is a Must.

We let them Scream & Cry, Releasing Pain to Fly…

The Chef spits Magic in the Kitchen & Studio. A Magic none of Us did Know.

We Are a Home for the Hopeless, Healing & Lost, Showing Up Authentically is Our Only Cost:

We'll Love you like a Brother, Sister, Father or Mother, Hold you in a Blanket, a Big, Warm Cover. There You Are Free, Finally Free to Be, Releasing Negativity, Positivity is the Key!

Not quite sure Where we'll Go from Here, but I know we're going places, of that I have no Fear.

We need to close the Ceremony, Our Co-Created Container,

So We know what mattered here, when we're asked later:

Community is a real Possibility, it takes Humility & real Authenticity.

Our Dreams are not so far away, Let's pull them in each Every Day.

We aren't so different, You & I, I Promise, We can see Eye to Eye.

Intentional Art Heals Our Heart, We'll even Show you How to Start!

Don't Close your Eyes, Look Around - This is Our Common Ground.

"A Dream Reality, We All Can See"

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Dec 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is soooo beautiful Sky!!!! Wowowowow💓💓🦋🙏🏼🙏🏼

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