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Music Video


From the Streets to the Stage,
a Defeated Musician and Magical Dog
Rise Together & Co-Create a Circus Show


Unveil the Magic of Dogs &
Inspire Audiences to Adopt, Foster &
Rescue "Magicians" from Streets & Shelters



Dogs are the Real Magicians
But, they need Our Support

Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1.

- DoSomething

In 2018, roughly 3.3 million dogs entered shelters.​

- The Humane Society

Only 10% of dogs born will find a permanent home.

- DoSomething

In 2019, 625,000 Animals were Euthanized

- Animal Car Donation

Adopt a Magician


RuffHouse Dog Training

Ruffhouse cover.png

Our Team

Teacher Crystal - RuffHouse_edited.jpg

Professional Dog Trainer & Animal Director

Crystal Blaker

Crystal Blaker is a Tucson native and leads our training team. She is passionate about helping people and animals live their best lives. She has worked at dog boarding, doggie daycare, and veterinary facilities since adolescence. In addition to her natural animal-behavior assessment abilities and years of dog-training experience, she continues to sharpen her skills through formal continuing education and participation in competitive dog agility and pet therapy work. Prior to founding Ruff House, she served as the Animal Enrichment & Behavior Coordinator for Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

Exec. Producer, Director & Performer
MysteryM x 7sound & Co

Mister Corey

Corey has proven himself as a reputable player and expert within the Media (Music/Film) and Entertainment industries as a prolific Recording Artist, Performer, Composer, Writer, and Executive Producer. Corey also specializes in Songwriting, Singing, Multimedia Production, Direction & Performance and is passionate about how all of Us can Reveal Our Purpose through Artist Development. He was featured as a keynote speaker for TEDx and is a published blogger for the Huffington Post.

Director, Cinematographer & Editor
Skyler Jenkins Films 7sound & Co

Skyler Jenkins

Skyler has produced Feature Films, Documented Music Tours, Live Shows & Special Events, as well as, a wide array of works over the past 10+ years in Film & Multi-Media Production: from Non-Profit storytelling, directing NFL Stars & interviewing Fortune500 Company CEOs,

Fundraising, Promo & Music Videos to Commercial content & Artistic Collaborations.

MysteryM _ Chapter 0 - stills_1.3_edited.jpg
MysteryM _ Chapter 0 - stills_1.3_edited.jpg


Poppy is a Magical, Tiny Pup with a. Larger than Life Personality. She loves cuddling in a lap, meeting new friends & performing. Thanks to the Training at RuffHouse, Poppy is becoming a Circus Performer for MysteryM Show. She dreams of becoming an official Therapy Dog, so she's Training with Teacher Crystal to Pass the Test!

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Partner With Us

Welcome to the "Magician" Movement,
We Look Forward to Connecting with You

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